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Presentation for Professor Stacy James' course for advertising majors, Fall 2010.


Situation Analysis
Nebraska’s Centennial Mall, extending from the State Capitol seven blocks north on what would be 15th Street, serves as a scenic connection between Nebraska’s iconic State Capitol and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Mall is currently in a state of disrepair, but a restoration project will soon begin. Our task is to implement a statewide awareness campaign to encourage all Nebraskans to visit and take pride in Nebraska’s Centennial Mall. In essence, the new Mall is the front yard and primary entrance to the State Capitol and should be viewed and appreciated as a symbol to the state in much the same way as the Capitol is.

Target Audiences
Primary: Nebraskan adults 25+ residing outside of Lincoln and Omaha (hereafter referred to internally as outstate Nebraskans).
Secondary: Fourth grade students and teachers in Nebraska schools who annually visit the Capitol on school trips.
Tertiary: Nebraskan adults 25+ who reside in Lincoln, have middle to upper income and are parks and trails supporters/enthusiasts.

Positioning Statement
Nebraska’s Centennial Mall is the physical statement of Nebraska pride and a symbol of our state’s quality of life. Connecting the State Capitol building to the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Mall’s sustainability and aesthetics represent the beauty and versatility of our Capital City and state.

Campaign Theme: “Where you go to grow.”
The flora on the mall requires sunshine, fresh air and a space t o put down roots. As modern Nebraskan’s share the “good life,” we too need somewhere to reconnect with the outdoor elements and ourselves. We need a place to grow. NCM is the fertile environment that connects people of all ages to nature and learning possibilities. Our creative recommendations will provide children and adults with memorable imagery and activities to help them branch out as they share new experiences while prospering from rich traditions.

Our creative pieces visualize the aesthetic achievements of the renovated NCM. We will use visual media of TV, newspaper ads, complementary radio spots and a robust website and Facebook revamp to showcase the Mall. The campaign will include a logo and statement that brands NCM with a distinctive identity.

Public Relations
Our NCM campaign includes a strong emphasis on public relations, bringing the “Where you go to grow” theme alive. The variety and creativity encompassed in our PR tactics allows us to reach our statewide audience throughout all phases of the campaign. Our tactics include a social media plan, construction phase recommendations, press releases and a final Jubilee to celebrate the grand opening of Nebraska’s Centennial Mall. The PR campaign is also budget-conscious, aiming to get the most publicity and outreach as possible on a low-cost basis. We feel confident that our suggested tactics will promote audience awareness and participation in the new Mall.

After examining our research results we determined that newspaper, radio, television and internet would be the best ways to reach our target audiences. Although the campaign relies heavily upon public relations, the media buys support the overall goal of the campaign—to spread awareness. We chose to advertise in 15 major markets that we felt would be most effective in spreading our message