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April 1956


Published in The Journal of Parasitology 42:2 (April 1956), pp. 122-125. Published by the American Society of Parasitologists.


Infections with Ascaridia galli may be conditioned by the age, diet, breed, and sex of the fowl (Ackert et al., 1928, 1927, 1933, and Sadun, 1951). The present study was concerned with other possible extra-host factors which could condition the degree as well as the incidence of infection of fowls with this roundworm. Guberlet (1924) and Ackert (1931) reported that hatched infective larvae, when given orally, were rarely infective to chicks. This work suggested to the present authors that an investigation of the role of the egg shell surrounding the larva might be a factor conditioning infection of the definitive host. A preliminary report of this work was made by Hansen and Turner (1954).

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