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April 1956


Published in The Journal of Parasitology 42:2 (April 1956), pp. 176-179. Published by the American Society of Parasitologists.


Two species of chigger mites of the genus Hannemania, H. dunni Sambon, 1928, and H. penetrans Ewing, 1931, have been described from the Eastern United States. H. dunni was recovered from Desmognathus fuscus fuscus from "Eastern United States" and H. penetrans was taken from Rana clamitans collected at Great Falls of Potomac, Virginia. Two other species are known from the United States, H. eltoni Sambon, 1928, from San Antonio, Texas, on Rana pipiens sphenocephala and H. hylae (Ewing, 1925) from San Diego Co., California, on Hyla arenicolor. During the years 1949-1952, larvae were taken from R. p. sphenocephala collected in the vicinity of Sarasota, Florida, which differ from all of the above species as far as can be ascertained. They are herein described as new.

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