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April 1956


Published in The Journal of Parasitology 42:2 (April 1956), pp. 180-196. Published by the American Society of Parasitologists.


During an investigation into Ixodes ticks parasitizing mammals it became apparent that existing descriptions of those species which parasitize bats were inadequate in many respects. I therefore obtained for this study specimens from Dr. V. Aellen, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneva (V.A.), Dr. Gertrud Theiler of the Onderstepoort Research Station (O.R.S.), Mr. Harry Hoogstraal, U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit Number 3, Cairo (H.H.) and Mr. Glen M. Kohls, Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Montana, U.S.A. (R.M.L.) Professor 0. Theodor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (O.T.) allowed me to examine his material, on which he will report in due course. Dr. G. Owen Evans and Mr. E. Browning permitted me to examine specimens in the British Museum (Natural History) (BMNH) collections and were most helpful. The work was carried out when the writer held a Leverhulme Research Award, and is in part a collaborative project between the author and NAMRU-3. For their comments and criticisms of this manu,script I am grateful to Dr. C. B. Philip, Mr. H. Hoogstraal and Mr. Glen M. Kohls.

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