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Gregarines on a Diet: The Effects of Host Starvation on Gregarina confusa Janovy et aI., 2007 (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinida) in Tribolium destructor Uyttenboogaart, 1933 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Larvae. JODI SCHREURS and JOHN JANOVY, Jr. - 567


Differential Gene Expression Analysis in European Eels (Anguilla anguilla, L. 1758) Naturally Infected by Macroparasites. G. FAZIO, H. MONE, R. LECOMTE-FINIGER, and P. SASAL - 571

Attachment and Penetration of Centrocestus armatus (Digenea: Heterophyidae) Cercariae to Gills of Secondary Intermediate Fish Hosts. VACHEL GAY V. PALLER and SHOJI UGA - 578

Patterns of Parasite Abundance and Distribution in Island Populations of Galapagos Endemic Birds. DIEGO SANTIAGOALARCON, NOAH K. WHITEMAN, PATRICIA G. PARKER, ROBERT E. RICKLEFS, and GEDIMINAS VALKIUNAS. 584 Soil-Transmitted Helminths in Relation to Hemoglobin Status Among School Children of the Kashmir Valley. SHOWKAT AHMAD WANI, FAYAZ AHMAD, SHOWKAT A. ZARGAR, ZUBAIR AHMAD DAR, PARVAIZ AHMAD DAR, HIDAYATULLAH TAK, and BASHIR AHMAD FOMDA - 591


Two New Species of African Haemaphysalis Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae), Carnivore Parasites of the H. (Rhipistoma) leachi Group. DMITRY A. APANASKEVICH and IVAN G. HORAK - 594

A New Gnathiid (Crustacea: Isopoda) Parasitizing Two Species of Requiem Sharks From Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. MARYKE L. COETZEE, NICO J. SMIT, ALEXANDRA S. GRUTTER, and ANGELA J. DAVIES - 608

Prevalence and Abundance of Fleas in Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Burrows: Implications for the Transmission of Plague (Yersinia pestis). DAN J. SALKELD and PAUL STAPP - 616

Variation in Ectoparasite Load Reflects Life History Traits in the Lesser Mouse-Eared Bat Myotis blythii (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Western Iran. MOZAF AR SHARIFI, F ATEMA MOZAF ARI, NAJMEH TAGHINEZHAD, and HOSSAIN JAVANBAKHT - 622

A New Species of Polystomoides Wara, 1917 (Monogenea: Polystomatidae) From Freshwater Chelonians (Testudines: Chelidae) in Brazil. FABIANO M. VIEIRA, lARA A. NOVELLI, BERNADETE M. SOUSA, and SUELI DE SOUZALIMA - 626

Patterns of Trombiculid Mite (Hannemania dunni) Parasitism Among Plethodontid Salamanders in the Western Piedmont of North Carolina. MAJORIE C. WESTFALL, KRISTEN K. CECALA, STEVEN J. PRICE, and MICHAEL E. DORCAS - 631


Developmental and Functional Ultrastructure of Ornithodiplostomum ptychocheilus Diplostomula (Trematoda: Strigeoidea) During Invasion of the Brain of the Fish Intermediate Host, Pimephales promelas. DAVID BRUCE CONN, CAMERON P. 'GOATER, and DOUGLAS BRAY - 635


Genetic Variation of Fish Parasite Populations in. Historically Connected Habitats: Undetected Habitat Fragmentation Effect on Populations of the Nematode Procamallanus fulvidraconis in the Catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco. WEN X. LI, GUI T. WANG, and P. NIE - 643


Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii in Zoo Animals in Selected Zoos in the Midwestern United States. SILVIA DE CAMPS, J. P. DUBEY, and W. J. A. SAVILLE - 648

Antigenic Properties of Cystatin-Binding Cysteine Proteinases From Neodiplostomum seoulense. TAE-YUN KIM, KYEYOUNG HAN, EUN-HEE SHIN, and JONG-YIL CHAI - 654


Differences in Cysteine Protease Activity in Schistosoma mansoni-Resistant and -Susceptible Biomphalaria glabrata and Characterization of the Hepatopancreas Cathepsin B Full-Length cDNA. JOCELYN MYERS, WANNAPORN ITTIPRASERT, NITHYA RAGHAVAN, ANDRE MILLER, and MATTY KNIGHT - 659

Excystation of the Encysted Metacercariae of Echinostoma trivolvis and Echinostoma caproni in a Trypsin-Bile Salts-Cysteine Medium and Morphometric Analysis of the Excysted Larvae. TYLER M. SAXTON, BERNARD FRIED, and ROBERT C. PEOPLES - 669


Helminth Parasites in Chaunus marinus and Cranopis valliceps (Anura: Bufonidae) From Lagunas Yalahau, Yucatan, Mexico. JUAN FRANCISCO EspfNOLA-NOVELO and SERGIO GUILLEN-HERNANDEZ - 672

Risk Factors for Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Wild Rodents From Central Coastal California.and a Review of T. gondii Prevalence in Rodents. HAYDEE A. DABRITZ, MELISSA A. MILLER, IAN A. GARDNER, ANDREA E. PACKHAM, E. ROBERT ATWILL, and PATRICIA A. CONRAD - 675

Intestinal Helminths of Freshwater Stringrays in Southeastern Peru, and a New Genus and Two New Species of Cestode. FLORIAN B. REYDA . - 684


Variability in Triactinomyxon Production From Tubifex tubifex Populations From the Same Mitochondrial DNA Lineage Infected with Myxobolus cerebralis, the Causative Agent of Whirling Disease in Salmonids. CHARLOTTE RASMUSSEN, JULIE ZICKOVICH, JAMES R. WINTON, and BILLIE L. KERANS - 700


Haemosporidian Blood Parasites in European Birds of Prey and Owls. O. KRONE, J. WALDENSTROM, G. VALKIUNAS, O. LESSOW, K. MULLER, T. A. IEZHOVA, J. FICKEL, and S. BENSCH - 709

A Review of Species in the Genus Rhopalias (Rudolphi, 1819). TERRY R. HAVERKOST and SCOTT L. GARDNER - 716

A New Species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) From the Marbled Salamander, Ambystoma opacum (Caudata: Ambystomatidae), From Northern Louisiana. CHRIS T. MCALLISTER and STEVE J. UPTON - 727

Molecular Characteristics of Camallanus Spp. (Spirurida: Camallanidae) in Fishes From China Based on ITS rDNA Sequences. SHAN GONG WU, GUI TANG WANG, BING WEN XI, DIAN GAO, and PIN NIE - 731

Description of a New Species of Myxobolus (Myxozoa: Myxobolidae) Based on Morphological and Molecular Data. YUANJUN ZHAO, CHUNYAN SUN, MICHAEL L. KENT, JUNLIN DENG, and CHRISTOPHER M. WHIPPS - 737


Inhibition by Dications of In Vitro Growth of Leishmania major and Leishmania tropica: Causative Agents of Old World Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. ALEXA C. ROSYPAL, KARL A. WERBOVETZ, MANAR SALEM, CHAD E. STEPHENS, ARVIND KUMAR, DAVID W. BOYKIN, JAMES E. HALL, and RICHARD R. TIDWELL - 743


Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum Antibodies in Dogs From Grenada, West Indies. J. P. DUBEY, D. STONE, O. C. H. KWOK, and R. N. SHARMA - 750

Helminths Collected From Imported Pet Murids, with Special Reference to Concomitant Infection ofthe Golden Hamsters with Three Pinworm Species of the Genus Syphacia (Nematoda: Oxyuridae). HIDEO HASEGAWA, HIROSHI SATO, ERI IWAKIRI, YATSUKAHO IKEDA, and YUMI UNE - 752

Strategies for the Storage of Ancylostoma caninum Third-Stage Larvae. S. R. KOPP, A. C. KOTZE, J. S. McCARTHY, J. M. MORTON, and G. T. COLEMAN - 755

Effects of High Pressure Processing on Toxoplasma gondii Oocysts on Raspberries. DAVID S. LINDSAY, DANIEL HOLLIMAN, GEORGE J. FLICK, DAVID G. GOODWIN, SHEILA M. MITCHELL, and J. P. DUBEY - 757

Strongyloides stercoralis Hyperinfection in an Immunocompetent Patient with Extreme Eosinophilia. A. MARATHE and V. DATE - 759

Experimental Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis). TRAVIS QUIRK and J. P. DUBEY - 761

Prevalence of Antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in Wolverines From Nunavut, Canada. MASON V. REICHARD, LUIGI TORRETTI, JASON M. GARVON, and J. P. DUBEY - 764

Occurrence of Neospora caninum Antibodies in Capybaras (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) From Sao Paulo State, Brazil. L. E. O. YAI, A. M. A. RAGOZO, W. A. CANON-FRANCO, J. P. DUBEY, and S. M. GENNARI - 766

Suppression of Th2 Cytokines Reduces Tick-Transmitted Borrelia burgdorferi Load in Mice. NORDIN S. ZEIDNER, BRADLEY S. SCHNEIDER, JEREMIAH S. RUTHERFORD, and MARC C. DOLAN - 767