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Journal a/Women in Educational Leadership, Vol. 3, No.3-July 2005 ISSN: 1541-6224


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I did not grow up wanting to be a woman administrator in a community college setting ... or a woman administrator anywhere for that matter. Until about the sixth grade when my height shot up to almost six feet, I was going to be an airline stewardess and jet set around the world. Liking science and math, my attentions then turned to being a doctor, specifically a pediatrician. How did I get here? It hasn't been a particularly circuitous path. Yet, it is one that does seem to have evolved rather than having been a conscious choice at some point. It would be interesting to compare notes with other women administrators on the subject of how they came to their roles. There are maybe five or six that I know within my community college circle of encounters. I wonder if there was a point at which they made a conscious decision to be a woman administrator. I wonder if our experiences are different from men administrators in our arena.