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This Coaching Power Tool: Wants vs. Musts was submitted to the International Coach Academy to satisfy graduation requirements for their Certified Professional Coach Program.

Whether you are a fellow coach or someone in need of coaching, I sincerely hope this tool is something you can use for personal innovation and change.

Go Wild with Your Musts!

-Dr. Connie



Coaching Power Tool: Wants vs. Musts

Identifying and Clarifying Wants and Musts

Our actions do not always reflect what we say we want. This power tool is designed to clarify what you want vs. what you must have and/or do. And I mean really, really must have and/or experience. The deep down, gut-wrenching things that you just can’t live without.

The trick here is to block out all those annoying little distractions and voices that get in the way. So again, when doing these Innovation Actions, I encourage you to find a quiet space and a block of uninterrupted time so you can focus.