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Personal Innovation Action Self-Coaching Tool: Success vs. Failure

This self-coaching tool is designed for individual use. It can also be used by coaches to help individuals or groups.


Part of personal leadership and innovation is self-discovery. One of the first steps in the process of personal innovation is discovering and defining success and failure.

Cultures and nations around the world define success differently, and it is important for individuals to define their own version of success to live their best lives.

In order to unleash your true potential, become very aware of how you define success. Is it your definition? Or, is it the definition society or others have imposed upon you?

Rarely do we examine success in terms of personal fulfillment, happiness or joy. Maybe your success is being a stay-at-home Mom. Perhaps you are the janitor or manager or a small business owner. Or, you might be the President of a large corporation. Whatever the case, it is important to live successfully on your terms and in your own time.

This tool is one a great step in the self-discovery process.