Kimmel Education and Research Center


Date of this Version

Winter 1-1-2014


Reimers-Hild, C.I. (2014). SMARTER Intentions and Authentic Goals: A Coaching Guide. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Kimmel Education and Research Center. Nebraska City, NE.


The intent of this coaching guide is to help individuals create SMARTER Intentions and authentic goals. It is also a useful tool for leadership and life coaches to use with individuals, teams and groups.


Intentions influence our actions and behaviors. If intentions are established with awareness, truth, and meaning, they help us experience a life filled with passion and personal fulfillment. Lack of understanding around our true intentions often causes frustration and confusion, which is one reason people oftentimes do not achieve their goals. Many goals are written; however, they are not established with honest intent.

It’s time to get brutally honest about your true intentions so you can achieve authentic goals. Intentions have the power to strengthen your Inner Leader and help you move forward in a meaningful way as long as they represent what you truly want to accomplish and experience. Honest intentions, based on personal fulfillment and purpose, can also keep you motivated and focused while measuring progress and celebrating success.

What we truly intend will happen, so I use this coaching guide to help my coaching clients create SMARTER Intention Statements that support their personal vision. What exactly are SMARTER Intentions? They are statements designed to help you achieve your vision while holding your accountable and having some fun along the way because they are Super Cool, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound, Evolved, and Rewarded.