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This brochure outlines the leadership and innovation programs by Connie Reimers-Hild


Programs & Services Offered by Dr. Connie:

Leadership Coaching: If you are looking to strengthen your inner leader, then this is for you! Dr. Connie’s leadership coaching begins with clients exploring their inner most thoughts and beliefs. This transformational approach to coaching helps people discover their true intentions on their personal path of leadership. After clients achieve inner-clarity, Dr. Connie provides clients with tools and structures designed to help them achieve success on their new path.

Innovation Coaching: Leadership is about making innovation happen. Innovation coaching is designed to help individuals and organizations create clarity around their definition and understanding of the innovation culture they are working to create. Innovation coaching is taken to the next level by creating customized innovation structures designed to deliver sustainable results.

Training & Retreats: Dr. Connie develops and teaches customized, research-based programs in the areas of developing your inner leader, entrepreneurial leadership and innovation. These sessions are a great way to kick-start your business or organization and the coaching process!