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Worksheet for the Acknowledge Your Inner Leader Program in Columbus, NE

This worksheet supports the presentation at The Indispensable Assistant Seminar in Columbus, NE. The focus of the conference is on Creating a Positive Workplace, which is awesome! Other speakers will focus on motivation, technology, health in the workplace and greening the office. My presentation is, Acknowledge Your Inner Leader. It will focus on the power of the Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem as well as the value of FUN!! Central Community College-Columbus is offering this annual seminar from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 27 at Dusters Restaurant in Columbus.


Before you lead others, you must first lead yourself! The Inner Leader program walks participants through four phases of developing their inner leader: Discover, Decide, Design and Dare.

Each phase of the Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem can be used for personal innovation. Participants in this session will take Innovation Actions focused around personal and professional fulfillment.