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Ryan Sullivan, Pre-Mortem Cryopreservation: Recognizing a Patient’s Right to Die in Order to Live, Quinnipiac Health Law Journal 14(49) (2010), pp. 49–84.


Copyright © 2010 Ryan Sullivan. Used by permission.


I. Introduction

II. The Science of Cryonic Preservation ... A. History of Cryonics ... B. The Process ... C. Current Science ... 1. Cryobiology ... a. Successful Births with Once-Frozen Embryos ... b. If You Can Thaw a Frozen Dog ... c. Surgeries Performed during Suspended Animation ... d. Successful Revival after Three Hours of Clinical Death ... 2. Advancements in Nanotechnology ... 3. Obstacles to Overcome

III. Relevant Law ... A. Laws Governing Cryonics ... B. Right to Die and Assisted Suicide ... C. States’ Interests Are Not Compelling ... 1. Interest in Preserving Life and Preventing Suicide ... 2. Interest in Maintaining Medical Ethical Standards ... 3. Interest in Protecting Vulnerable Persons and Preventing Abuse ... 4. Are There Health Care Cost Savings to Consider?

IV. Conclusion