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Schmid Law Library Publication Series, no. [1], 2014, xiii, 230 p.


Published by the Schmid Law Library in association with the University of Nebraska Press. Copyright © 2014, Marcia L. Dority Baker and Stefanie S. Pearlman.

Updated by "A Bibliography of University of Nebraska College of Law Faculty Scholarship 2014-2018’ by Stefanie S. Pearlman and Keelan A. Weber (


This bibliography attempts to include all faculty members at the College of Law beginning in 1892 through the faculty members of the 2012–2013 academic year. We included publications from tenure-track law, law library, and law clinical faculty members and visiting faculty members who were at the College of Law for three or more years. Although we did not include the scholarship of faculty members who visited for less than three years or adjunct faculty, we did include a list of those faculty members for historical purposes. We used the Official Bulletin of Nebraska Law and the Nebraska Law Review to determine the identities of these faculty members. Due to limitations in record keeping, we were unable to retrieve a comprehensive list of visiting and adjunct faculty. We selected three broad categories of scholarship for the bibliography: books and/or book chapters, articles, and other scholarly publications. We attempted to limit this scholarship to published work within the field of study of each faculty member. We also decided to list scholarship throughout each faculty member’s career, whether it was published before, after, or during their tenure at the College of Law. Each faculty entry includes brief biographical information and a list of scholarship. All publications are listed in reverse chronological order. Dissertations, publications that are forthcoming, and audio recordings are not included in this bibliography. While some faculty members publish outside the legal field, we tried to include only law or law-related material. We also added any resources that current College of Law faculty members felt were relevant to a complete understanding of their scholarship. If an article was published in more than one journal, we tried to include only the first publication of the article. Some faculty members have extraordinarily long lists of publications. For these faculty members, such as Roscoe Pound, we chose a representative selection of their publications to print in this bibliography.