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After World War II, American forces in Europe set up the Field Intelligence Agency, Technical, (FIAT) to host and provide administrative support for visiting American experts who were studying German industry. FIAT prepared reports of those experts and assigned FIAT report numbers to them. Those reports were distributed in two ways:

1) FIAT reports were sent to the Office of the Publication Board (OPB), in the Department of Commerce, which had been set up to distribute the fruits of American research and development during World War II and of American studies of Axis science, technology, and industry. The OPB evolved into the National Technical Information Service. The OPB and its successor, the Office of Technical Services, distributed the FIAT reports through the Federal technical reports system. They were listed in the Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Reports (BSIR) and its successor documents and were available for purchase from the Office of the Publication Board.

2) Many FIAT reports were also distributed through the Federal Depository Documents Program. In regional depository libraries, FIAT reports are probably filed under SuDocs Number W 1.72/6: which stands for American Military Government of Germany, FIAT Reports.

This bibliography, FIAT REPORTS, A Bibliography and Index of Reports on German Industry, lists the FIAT reports received by the Office of Technical Services as of January 1948.

  • Part I contains a list giving a brief citation of each report and its FIAT report and PB document numbers as well as the volume and page number in BSIR where a more detailed description of the report can be found. Part I is arranged by FIAT report number.
  • Part II contains a cross reference list giving the PB document and the FIAT report numbers. It is arranged in PB document number order.
  • Part III, Index, lists subject headings and company names with the FIAT report numbers of indexed reports.

More detailed descriptions of FIAT reports are included by the Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Reports (BSIR). BSIR has been digitized by the Hahti. It is available online at:

You can use the author name and the volume and page numbers given in Part I to find the right citation in BSIR. Since the Hahti Trust cataloging record lists the various issues of BSIR by volume and issue numbers. You may have to do some hunting among the various issues in each volume to find the right page.

Most FIAT reports should be readily available through interlibrary loan since they are held by Federal regional depository libraries. Those that cannot be obtained through interlibrary loan can be ordered from the Library of Congress. In orders given to the Library of Congress the reports requested are identified by their PB document numbers.

The FIAT Reports are only one of a number of reports series on German science, technology, and industry. The various other report series are also listed in the Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Reports.