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This study attempted to highlights issues relating to authoritativeness and quality of Malaysian Union Catalog, known as Katalog Induk Kebangsaan (KIK). The development of KIK records involved participation of 101 “participating libraries” in Malaysia. The study adopted document analysis methodology where 500 bibliographic data have been selected from the database. The bibliographic data were analyzed based on its compliance with International Standards like MARC21 and AACR2R. Each data were screened before going through the analysis process. Only qualified data were analyzed in this study. The finding indicates that 90% of the qualified records analyzed in the study are developed according to the established standards like AACR2R and MARC21. As assessing the authoritativeness of the records in KIK consume so much time. Hence, random data are selected and evaluate by benchmarking with AACR2R and MARC21. The findings and discovery of the study are significant in highlighting the authoritativeness and quality of the Malaysian Union Catalog bibliographic.



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