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Purpose: The paper finds out the information needs of the allopathic medical practitioners in Tamilnadu and analyse the influencing factors.

Methodology: Survey is conducted among the allopathic medic al practitioners working in five districts of Tamilnadu. Five point Likert-type structured questionnaire as a tool is used for collection of primary data. Average weighted scores, students-t-test, one way ANOVA and post-hoc tests statistical tools are used for data analysis.

Limitation: Only allopathic medical practitioners are used. Other systems of medicine practitioners are not included.

Findings: Allopathic medical practitioners top priority information needs are treatment-drug- therapy, differential-diagnosis, disease-complications, diagnostic-procedures, drugs-adverse-effects. Workplace and Educational qualification are the most influencing factor of the medical practitioners information needs than the gender and workplace.

Keywords: Medical practitioners, Information needs, Information Seeking Behaviour, Clinical Information needs, Influencing factors.

Paper Type: Research Article



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