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Mbangala, B., & Samzugi, A. (2010). The Role of Telecentres in Tanzania's Rural Development.


Sengerema district council has had a telecentre since 2001. However, the socio-economic indicators do not show that the district is better than districts without telecentres. This study intended to assess how the telecentre has benefited the users in respect of social and economic aspects. The study was conducted in Sengerema district, Mwanza region. The survey design was employed using structured and unstructured questionnaires, interviews, observation and documentary review methods of data collection. The sample size of 62 respondents included 42 males and 20 females. In general, the users believed that the centre has helped improve their community’s wellbeing, however, with regard to its original objectives; the impacts do not correspond to the progress of the district. It is recommended that the telecentre should encourage people of both sexes and age to use new information and communication services, more publicity to raise people’s awareness of the existence of the telecentre and the value of information, also the information provided should be in local languages in order to facilitate equitable access to information for rational decision-making.