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Uzomba, C.E., Oyebola, O.J and Izuchukwu, C.A. (2015). The Use and Application of Open Source Integrated Library System in Academic Libraries in Nigeria: Koha Example


This study examined the use of open source integrated library system in academic libraries in Nigeria, with the aim of highlighting the capabilities and potentials of open source software (Koha) and its practical importance to academic libraries across the globe. The study was guided by five objectives and five research questions. A descriptive survey design was adopted in this research, with population of twenty-five (25) staff selected randomly from 25 different higher institutions that uses open source software in Nigeria: 19 universities (federal, state and private), 4 polytechnics (federal and state) and 2 colleges of education. The instrument used to generate data is questionnaire and the data generated was analyzed using frequency tables and percentages. It was found that many libraries in Nigeria and across the globe have turned more and more to free and open source software. The major challenges confronting the libraries include: inadequate funding, inadequate managerial support, inadequate power supply, etc. The findings of this study will serve a very useful purpose for academic libraries in Nigeria in particular, and their counterparts across the globe in general. The flexibility and friendly nature of the software will also enable users maximize their gains in the search for information.