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This research has attempted to examine the role of intellectual property law on the protection of indigenous knowledge in Ilishan-Remo land. The objective of this study is to investigate the state of indigenous knowledge in Ilishan Remo, Ogun State and whether it has any protective measure in place for the protection of indigenous knowledge from misappropriation and illegitimate acquisition.

The use of structured interview guide comprising open ended questions was used to gather data from the field. Findings from this study show that Ilishan Remo has peculiar indigenous knowledge such as the use of herbs for treatment of diseases, farming, trading in cola nuts, weaving of baskets, calabash making, plaiting of hair, wood carving, goldsmithing, and pottery which the community appreciates as it provides them with security, identity and livelihood.. It also shows that Indigenous Knowledge in Ilishan Remo at various points in times has been misappropriated and that Ilishan community protects its IK by restricting non indigenes from viewing and participating in their indigenous practices. Findings also show that local laws used in deterring third parties from having knowledge of the community’s culture is not supported by the government’s law.



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