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Summer 7-11-2015


This paper attempts to assess the literary output in the field of Leptospirosis productivity for the period 2006-2013. Statistical analysis has been carried out using SPSS and other relevant measures. It shows that the year wise distributions of Leptospirosis records are increasing year after year except the years 2008, 2009 and 2011. It shows that 88.76% articles are of English language and followed by Spanish and French languages. It is observed that USA has contributed the highest number of records in the study period. Next major contribution belongs to England, Netherlands and India. India has the 4th position among the countries. It shows that 42.77% (5033) of all the cited records were “journal articles”, 35.93% (4228) “Research Support, Non-U.S. Government”, 8.92% (1050) “Review”, 5.89% (693) “letter”, 3.03% (357) “Research Support etc. Relative Growth Rate (RGR) is decreasing from 2007 (0.75) to 2013 (0.17) in the span of 8 years and Doubling Time (DT) increases from 0.92 in the year 2007 to 4.00 in the year 2013 in the study period. The Activity Index (AI) for India was peak in 2006 (234.04) more than three times the Activity Index for the year 2010 (65.05).