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Bibliometrics is a promising area of research in the field of Library and Information Science. The current study is a bibliometric analysis of two leading international referred journals. The present paper attempts to analyze publications indexed in the database of Science Direct Top 25 hottest Papers in the field Arts and Humanities journal literature to understand the global approach of research publication in two core journals such as: (1st)” Political Geography” (PG) and (2nd)“ Religion” (RG) respectively. This is a comprehensive survey work rendering bibliographic records from Science Direct top 25 hottest papers database during 2005-2013 in the domain of Arts & Humanities and this paper strenuously tries to give a complete sketch of the evaluation of research outcomes. The key findings of the research divulge that out of total 1500 papers undertaken for the present work, 900 were taken from the journal “Political Geography” and 600 shared by the journal “Religion”. It is indicated from the study that top 15 authors of 1st journal contributed 384 (42.66 %) and top 15 authors of 2nd journal bagged 239 (39.83 %) papers to their credit which counts more than one third of the whole contribution. In both the journals the greater number 72 and 85 percent papers were produced by single authors, while the collaborated papers were only 28 and 15 percent the study unmasks. Considering the authors’ institutional affiliation it is ascertained that, the authors’ contributed to both the journals was affiliated to 169 and 80 unique institutions encompassing intercontinental regions. Besides, the geographical analysis indicates the involvement of different regions of the globe in the research practices is well found considerably benchmarking. Moreover, the study evidently shows that the overwhelming and most productive geographical region contributors’ such as: UK added 396 (44 %) and USA 231 (38.5 %) papers to the journal (1st)” Political Geography” and (2nd)“Religion”, that is why both regions are considerably granted as leading productive nations and prolific in the realm of global research.