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Majhi, S., Meher, S., & Maharana, B. (2015). Awareness and usage of Cloud Computing Application among LIS Professionals: A case study of 17 Indian University Libraries. Library Philosophy and Practice


This study was conducted in seventeen Indian university Libraries to assess the familiarity and usage of cloud computing applications among Library and information Science professionals. The investigator collected responses from 56 number of LIS professionals working at 17 Indian University Libraries, through a structured questionnaire. Results revealed that the usage of cloud computing applications in library operation and services is not very significant. However, LIS professionals are using those applications for different personal purposes like, Store Files Online, Store Personal Videos and photographs online and for Collaborative writing. However, majority of the librarians showed their concern over the security. Further, the research found that the LIS professionals are quite interested to use Cloud computing in library operation and services. However, majority of the librarians showed their concern over the security. The findings of this study have both theoretical as well as practical implications for Librarians, policy makers in the universities.



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