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Spring 8-28-2015


The present study looks at the composition and growth of world publications output on Library 2.0. The total world output on Library 2.0 during 2004-14 cumulated to 186 papers; and the world output witnessed 6.67% quinquennial growth from 2004-2009 to 2010-14, There were 1183 citations to 186 papers since their publication. In all 65.31% publications received 1 to 30+ citations per paper during 2004-14. Top 10 most productive countries, (out of forty) contributed 80.1% publication share and 94.77% citation share. Social sciences accounted for the highest publications share (79.57%), followed by computer science (46.77%), business, management & accounting, arts & humanities, engineering and medicine and decision science (less than 5% share each) during 2004-14. Top 31 most productive organizations (out of 163) and top 34 most productive authors (out of 180) contributed 39.78% and 39.25% publications share respectively and their citations share was 40.41% and 32.97% respectively during 2004-14. Amongst 186 global publications on Library 2.0, 151 had appeared in 74 journals during 2004-14. Among the 30 highly cited publications (citations per paper from 10 to 139), the largest number (14) came from the USA, 6 from the U.K., 3 from Spain, 2 each from India and China , and 1 each from Finland, Slovenia, Swaziland, Australia, Germany, Norway and Pakistan. These 30 highly cited publications involved 65 authors, 41 organizations and were published in 23 journals.



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