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The Present study deals with bibliometric analysis of articles and references provided at the end of each article contributed in Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B, Vol.52B , 2013.The study is carried out with a view to ascertain the types of documents most frequently used in the research process. The study indicates the authorship trend is towards team works rather than a work in isolation It is observed that most of the publications cited are articles in journals; the number of references in other kinds of documents such as books/monographs, conference proceedings, theses/dissertation etc. are small. Among the citations from journal literature, majority are from foreign journals though the journals of Indian origin have also extensively used by the researchers. The most frequently cited journal titles were Tetrahedron Letter, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Organic Chemistry. The findings from this study could help in deciding titles of journals to be acquired, to continue or discontinue a subscription for a library.



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