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This paper seeks to analyze publications indexed in the database of Science Direct Top 25 hottest Papers in Arts and Humanities journal to understand the international perspective of research publication dynamics in two core journals such as: (1st)”Language Sciences” (LS) and (2nd)“Linguistics and Education” (L&E) respectively. This is a comprehensive survey work using bibliographic records derived from Science Direct top 25 hottest papers database during 2005-2014 and this paper vigorously tries to give a complete view of the evaluation of research outcomes. Findings of the study revealed that out of a total number of 1800 papers undertaken for the present research, 50 percent were shared from each journal. It is indicated from the study that top 15 authors of 1st journal contributed 349 (38.77 %), and 2nd journal added 281 (31.22 %) papers to their credit which counts more than one third of the whole contribution. In both journals a major share 78 and 76 percent papers were produced by single authors, while the collaborated papers were only 22 and 24 percent the study discloses. Considering the authors’ institutional affiliation it is ascertained that, the authors’ contributed to both journals was affiliated to 153 and 152 unique institutions spread over a wide range global geographical regions. Besides, the geographical analysis claims and vitalizes the cross-national comparison in the research practices is found considerably benchmarking. The overwhelming and most productive geographical region contributor USA added 139 (15.44 %), and 220 (24.44 %) papers to both journals categorically, and maintained its status of prolificacy in the arena of global research.