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Table 4 was omitted in the first submission hence this second submission that now has table 4 in the result section of the manuscript.


The study assessed the state of electronic collection development (ECD) in Nigerian university libraries. The study employed a descriptive survey design. The study was carried out in three university libraries in Nigeria. The total population of library respondents (Professionals and Paraprofessionals) used for this study was 208. Questionnaire and interview schedule were the instruments used to collect the data for this study. The result of the study revealed that ECD is not yet very effective in Nigeria university libraries. The major factors militating against ECD in this study were inadequate funding of automation which is also at infancy level, poor technical knowhow, lack of higher bandwidth in Internet connectivity and lack of sound administrative policies and guidelines. The major strategic measures for enhancing ECD include improved funding, constant evaluation of automation facilities, adequate and regular systems upgrade, provision of skilled manpower and periodic and regular training of librarians and paraprofessionals in the use of modern ICT facilities.