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I wish publish my research article in your esteemed journal. I already published on article in your journal. Kindly publish my article. I will be thank ful to you.

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A total of 5814 publications were published in seaweed research globally during the study period 2005 – 2014. The highest number of publications was published in 2014 with 883 (15.19%). The highest Total Local Citation Scores (TLCS) and Total Global Citation Scores (TGCS) were recorded in 2008, 2460 (14.99%) and 9724 (15.50%) respectively. The mean relative growth of seaweed research is 0.1015 and the average doubling time is 8.532. The collaborative research is predominant in seaweed research globally. The degree of collaboration is 0.947. Jeon, Y. J secure first position with 51 contributions (0.90%). ChineseAcademyof Sciences, China contributed 172 publications and score first rank. Research articles were predominant than any other document types. Journal of Applied Phycology contributed 390 (6.71%) publications and score first position. USAcontributed 645 (11.10%) publications and place first position. English is most preferred language of seaweed research publications. DuBois, Michel, K. A. Gilles, J. K. Hamilton, P. A. Rebers, Fred. Smith. (1956). Colorimetric Method for Determination of Sugars and Related Substances. Anal. Chem., 28 (3), pp 350–356, DOI 10.1021/ac60111a017 was cited in 239 publications and score first position.ChineseAcademy of Sciences,China had 172 Publications with 29455 bibliographic coupling with other institutes.