Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 12-13-2015


This research aims at investigating the level of job satisfaction in librarians working at libraries of Islamic Azad University in District 3. The research has analytical-survey method and the questionnaire and statistical sample consist of 40 librarians at target libraries. To conduct this research, a model is first designed for evaluating the job satisfaction in librarians in the form of 6 dimensions and 31 variables and their job satisfaction is designed based on the model and calculated by considering the scores of 31 variables. Based on the findings, the librarians' job satisfaction at Islamic Azad University is in a proper status. In the field of dimensions of job satisfaction, the satisfaction with dimensions of material and welfare facilities, educational facilities and job promotion, job security and manager's behavior is above the average, and the interactions and social status of job is lower than the average. Furthermore, there is a significant correlation between the librarians' demographic characteristics and job satisfaction. The results also indicate the relative satisfaction with most of the job variables in librarians as well as the need for officials' attention to improvement of working conditions in young people at studied university libraries.