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Objective: In this study the relationship between staff organizational commitment and providing optimal services to public libraries clients in the city of Mashhad is investigated.

Methods: In this research both library and field study have been used. The study group consists of the 70 librarians working in public libraries in the city of Mashhad, and the sample group was determined by using Morgan table. In this study, the main variables are measured by using the two questionnaires mentioned below. To measure the efficiency, the standard John Wagner questionnaire, and to measure organizational commitment, Allen & Meyer questionnaire were used.

Research findings: The result of this study shows that the average organizational commitment is equal to 3.28, the minimum amount is equal to 2.33 and maximum amount is equal to 4.40. It is clear that there is a relationship between librarians’ organizational commitment in Mashhad and providing optimal services, the Pearson correlation coefficient is 0.543 and the significance test level is 0.000 as well. As the significance level is less than 0.50 in Pearson test, the independence of variables is rejected, i.e. there is a relationship between librarians’ organizational commitment in Mashhad and providing optimal services.

Conclusion: This study can determine the importance of this variable and its impact on optimal service delivery to clients.



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