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The quality and quantity of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research ( IISERs)output in the last five years is appreciated globally. The NATURE index published recently indicated that IISERs have come as No.4 position, after all the IITs put together as No.1, all CSIR labs put together as No.2 and IISc as No.3. This is a remarkable output of IISERs by any Yardstick for an Institution which is less than 10 years old.ched fourth position are less than old. This is the First study on IISERs Performance by using qualitative and quantitative parameters of Scientrometrics


This paper analyzes 2542 research publications of the five Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) published during the last Five years (2010-14), as covered in SCOPUS International database. The study analyses characteristics of these publications such as the publication growth, research impact, national and international collaboration share, contribution and impact of authors and organizations, major areas of research, and preferred channels of research communications and characteristics of higher cited papers. The findings reveal that IISERs publications have witnessed an annual average growth rate of 34.92% and registered an average citation impact per paper of 9.90. About 33.39% and 30.80% of the IISERs publications were involved in national and international collaboration during 2010-14. The major areas of research of IISERs were chemistry, physics & astronomy, materials science and biochemistry, genetics & molecular biology with institutional share of 43.94%, 34.19%, 24.86% and 19.71% during 2010-14. About 153 significant authors of five IISERs individually published 10-60 publications and together they contributed 2446 publications, accounting for 96.22% share in the total output of IISERs during 2010-14. The IISERs published 1102 papers (with 43.35% share in total output) during 2010-14 in top 40 most productive journals with high impact factor varying from 0.72 to 11.36. About 50 high cited papers were published by these five IISERs, which have received 50 and above citations, Among these 50 papers, 41 papers received 50 to 100 citations, 7 papers 101-200 citations, 1 paper 401-500 citations and 1 paper 1001-1100 citations. These 50 papers together received 5212 citations, registering an average citation per paper of 104.24.



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