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This paper attempts to highlight the publication status and growth of nuclear physics research across the world by way of analyzing various features of research output based on Web of Science database. A total of 32286 publications were published on nuclear physics during the period 2004-2013. It was found that the number of published articles was higher in USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, China and Russia, etc. The highest number of publications 5,407 (16.75%) was published in 2012. The average number of publications published per year was 3228.6. The highest growth rate (64.90%) was observed in 2012. Out of the total publications 93.30% of contributions were collaborated with multi authorship and 6.70% of contributions were collaboration with single authors. The highest value of collaboration coefficient (CC) was 0.62 in 2008. Overall collaboration rate was very high. Physics and Astronomy accounts for the largest share 23413 (72.52%) of publications in the total worldwide output on nuclear physics followed by Medicine with 6608 (20.47%) publications.