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The paper brings out the results of a bibliometric analysis of the journal titled "Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation” published by Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi for the period from 2005 to 2015. The data are downloaded from the journal's website. This study aims at analysing the research output performance of management science. The analysis cover mainly the year-wise distribution of contributions in their different volumes, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, length of papers, citation pattern, average citation per contribution per volume, subject wise distribution of papers. All the studies point towards the merits and weakness of the journal which will be helpful for its further development. The Journal published 11 volumes, 37 issues and 533 research articles during the period 2005- 2015. The result shows that out of 533 articles joint authors contributed 296 (55%) articles while the rest 237 (45%) articles are contributed by single author. The study reveals the domination of collaborative research and the degree of collaboration (DC) in Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation is found to be 0.55. The numbers of references used by the authors are high with majority of them citing 21 to 40 references and on an average, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation authors have cited over 33 references per article.



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