Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The purpose of this study is to examine the information literacy regarding the library resources among the postgraduate students at Aligarh Muslim University, and to know their basic needs of information and information search strategies in the library as well as in web based resources. The present study selects the descriptive survey method and covers 329 postgraduate students of five selected faculties e.g. Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Social Science at AMU. The questionnaire discusses their information searching strategies on OPAC, their search engine preference, awareness of e-resources, level of information literacy skill, needs of information literacy skill etc. The paper reveals that most of the students are aware of the information sources which are available in the library. “Google” is the most popular search engine to the students. Through this study, the investigators find that there are some valuable suggestions which are made by the users according to their need to improve their information literacy skill such as motivational lectures, workshops, conferences, symposium, project based learning, and online literacy programme. This study may be considered as a unique one which brings out the current status of information literacy skills among the PG students at AMU. It will help recognize the librarian and teachers to instruct students as to where to search the source of information and how to evaluate information to meet their information needs.