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Summer 6-6-2016


Recent decades have witnessed explosion in the quantity of information produced, which in turn has created vast opportunities for information-based businesses. Thus, advertisers of information products (IPs) often use daily issues of newspapers to create public awareness on the nature, availability and the prices of their products. The types of advertising strategies adopted by the advertisers of the IPs vary and greatly determine the level of patronage of the products. It is against this background that this study empirically examined the trends in advertisement of IPs in the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper from 2008 to 2012.

A research design, based on a content analysis of the Guardian Newspaper was used in the study. Descriptive statistical analysis using frequency tables and cross tabulations were employed to analyse the various trends. The study found that, during the period, advertisements of conduit IPs were more than content IPs, majority of advertised IPs had combination of information and image, and majority of the advertisers adopted humorous techniques.

This study would be valuable to policy and decision makers as it can help develop appropriate frameworks or policies to promote the development of content IPs in addition to the thriving conduit IPs. In addition, the outcome of this study can also help advertisers of IPs devise new strategies in advertising their products in the modern competitive environment so that buyers or users of the products can make good decisions on the choice of products to buy or use.



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