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The study focused on meeting the information needs of Nurses for effective health care delivery in Nigeria with Federal Medical Centre, Owerri as case study and the area of study is South-East, Nigeria.. The descriptive survey method was used. The nominal roll of Federal Medical Centre,Owerri was used to derive the population of the study which is 300 and the sample of the study is 171. The questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The data collected was analysed using the simple percentages and tables. The findings of the study revealed that the nurses had need of information to care and manage patients as well as to improve their knowledge in clinical areas. Internet, Journals and books were the major sources consulted by nurses even though they still consult other medical database. The nurses are not satisfied with the information sources they consult. The factor militating against easy accessibility to health information among nurses include inadequate training of nurses in the use of information resources, lack of access to internet amongst others. Stocking of medical libraries with current materials on nursing as well as automation of health and medical libraries were identified as strategies for solving the problems of accessibility to health information. The study concludes that the medical libraries should carry out users study to enable them meet the information need of nurses.



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