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This study was carried out to investigate the effect of stress on professional librarian’s job performance in University of Lagos, Akoka and Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos.

The descriptive survey design was employed in this study. The sample size of this research study comprised of fifty (50), Lagos State University, Ojo and University of Lagos, Akoka both in Lagos, Simple random sampling technical was adopted. A well-structured questionnaire with up to fifteen items based on 5 – point likert scale.

The findings showed that Professional librarian’s quality in terms of job performance in relation to their job demand and expectation can be affected as a result of enormous stress. Professional librarians who engage in other activities aside their primary assignment for which they were employed are more prone to stress than the others, thereby affecting their job performance negatively. Professional librarian’s absence as a result of job related stress is definitely going to affect the overall university library productivity as well as objectives. Occupational stress is identified as one of the cardinal problems militating their wellbeing, commitment as well as job performance of professional librarians.

The deleterious implication for these to professional librarians and university libraries are manifold, and can result in serious physical and physiological illness for professional librarians and major resource loss for university libraries.

It was recommended that, university librarians and management team should guarantee and facilitate the overall health stability of their professional librarians by ensuring that conducive working environment is encouraged at all times for efficient job performance.

Keywords: Job performance, Job stress, Effects of stress, Professional Librarian



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