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Summer 12-3-2016

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This study is aimed at exploring the information needs of the physically challenged students in Kwara State Library, Ilorin, Nigeria. A Survey research design was adopted. Three objectives were set for the study and the interview was used to elicit information from respondents. Findings showed that 76% were male while 24% were female. Findings also reveal that the information needs of physically challenges students covered medical (94%), academic (82%), security (78%), news/current awareness, training/conference, seminar respectively (76%), transport/travel (53%), sport (55%), politics (18%), and (4%) among others. The study revealed that (82%) used the library occasionally while (18%) regularly. The study showed that (65%) found the information resources inadequate in meeting their needs. Problems confronting information needs of the physically challenged include, furniture in the library are not good for relaxing (100%), lack of infrastructural facility (82%), lack of information materials (76%), lack of architectural design (73%), staff attitude is discouraging (67%), library environment is not accommodating (61%), and others (41%). The paper concludes that library stakeholders, National Library of Nigeria, Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria, Nigeria Library Association, Federal and State government should take into consideration the physically challenged amongst us, thereby ensuring suitable reading environment. Recommendations were put forward to enhance adequate and relevant information by the physically challenged.