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This study concentrated on finding out the most appropriate format and media for providing and communicating agricultural information that would help future community of African farmers in achieving high agricultural output. The exploratory research design was adopted for the study. Multi-stage sampling technique was also adopted in selecting the sample. First, the purposive sampling technique was adopted in selecting farmers that are involved in the area of plant and crop farming only while the simple stratified random sampling technique was employed in selecting 10 farmers each from 10 different villages in Nigeria and Ghana, respectively thus, bringing the sample size to 200. The outcome of the study revealed that the farmers need information in almost all areas of farming and the sources mostly consulted are family members and friends. It also established that many of the available sources especially the libraries were rarely utilized by the farmers hence, the poor farm yield. Their preferred information communication formats are the audio and audio–visuals while the preferred media include; the local television channels; radio; film recordings on DVDs; etc. Recommendations that would help future community of African farmers to have increasing farm yield were also made.