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During 1960-2000, Chemistry and Physics department of the University of Burdwan, produced 141 awarded Chemistry theses, 979 published Chemistry thesis articles and 67 awarded Physics theses, 610 published Physics thesis articles. To compare the year wise productivity, authorship pattern and collaboration, Co-authorship pattern, Impact of authors, the citation scenario of the outstanding authors and ranked list of journals they have been analysed. The highest number of thesis (30) during 1986-1990 & 1991-1995 and the highest number of thesis articles (283) during 1991-1995 was submitted by the Chemistry Department whereas Physics department submitted highest number of theses (19) and highest number of thesis articles (158) during 1986-1990. The highest degree of collaboration is found in Physics Department (0.73) followed by Chemistry Department (0.70). Considering the name of the first authors only, the most prolific author were B.N Biswas (Physics) who topped the list with 108 papers followed by G.C Bhar (Physics) with 94 publications, A.K Das (Chemistry). The most credited author (considering fractional credit of authorship at any authorship position)was A.K Das (Chemistry Department) who topped the list with 84.7502 points, followed by B.N Biswas (Physics Department). The author with highest impact (according to 1st author) was G.C Bhar (Physics Department) who topped the list with 113.87 points, followed by A.K Das (Chemistry Department)with 45.82 points. The author with highest impact (considering all authors at any authorship position with shared credit) was G.C Bhar (Physics Department) who topped the list with 75.5825 points, followed by K Bhattacharya (Chemistry Department) with 36.6250 points. B.K Ghosh (Chemistry Department) received highest number of citations (662), whereas G.C Bhar (Physics Department) received 292 citations during this period. The leading journals preferred by the researchers of Chemistry departments are Ind Jl Chem with 185 papers and Ind Jl Pure Appl Phy with 47 papers by the researchers of Physics department. Taking all the papers of the two Departments together 692(43.54%) articles are published in Indian journals and 897 (56.46%) papers are published in foreign journals.



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