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There is a path which takes any creative intellect from the world of information to that of wisdom through the world of knowledge. This path for creative realization is indeed resonant with the 'Upanishadic' method of spiritual realization, i.e. the transformative ideology of the East, consisting of the phases of 'Sravana', 'Manana', and 'Nididhyasana' in that order, with the outcome of the phases being Information, Knowledge and Wisdom respectively. This has been seen to be true in the case of legendary literary work and unparalleled epic of the East, 'Mahabharata', inspired the master writer of India, MT Vasudevan Nair in penning an equally legendary work 'Randamoozham' (Second Turn), in this comparatively limited linguistic realm and the role played by libraries in that creative endeavor. The literary creative route of 'Randamoozham' the author vindicating the hypothesis; 'Library is the right fulgent path for transforming information through knowledge to wisdom.'



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