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This study highlights the authorship trend and collaborative research in the area of lung cancer literature based on 93512 scholarly communications appeared in the lung cancer literature during 1997 to 2016.The study elaborates on various bibliometric components such as year wise distribution of articles, relative growth rate, doubling time, authorship pattern and collaborative coefficients. High degree of collaborative research (0.92) was found in the field of lung cancer which shows there is trend towards collaborative research. The Lotka’s distribution is well fitted and followed in the area of Lung cancer which is confirmed with K-S test. The highest number of publication has been contributed by two authors (13301-14.2%) followed by three authors(11869-12.69%).To examine the trend of research in the area of lung cancer with respect to authorship pattern. There is a high percentage of growth of publication was observed in case of single author (11.61%) for ten years (2021). The considerable percent of growth was observed (32%) for the period twenty years (2031) in the field of lung cancer. Finally, it can be concluded that, the major research activity is taking place in the area of Lung Cancer.



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