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Kolan, J. B and Dzandza, P. E (2017) Effect of Social Media on Academic Performance of Students in Ghanaian Universities: A Case Study of University of Ghana, Legon Library Philosophy and Practice


This research work was conducted to investigate the effects of social media on academic performance of students in university of Ghana. The type of research adopted was descriptive survey and the instrument for data collection was the questionnaire. A total sample size of two hundred (200) using cluster sampling technique of probability sampling was used to acquire the relevant data from the population. The findings of the study showed that a number of students are addicted to social media and this was found to be detrimental to their academic life despite its importance on students’ academic life such as disseminating knowledge, group discussions and building relationships through these sites. To this end, the researchers recommended that faculties or schools in various universities organize public lectures on this topic to enlighten students more on the possible implications of these sites when they are not surfed judiciously; lecturers should direct works and assignments through these sites to encourage their use for academic purposes and also the school authorities should restrict access to certain networking sites that may distract students during learning