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The purpose of this thesis is to identify the Components of International Social Cataloging Sites in users and expert's perspective by exploring the wourlds most visited populer social cataloging sites.This is an applied research and the research method is library and descriptive scrolling. First, by reviewing the scientific literature and resources, a list consists of 14 criteria (display features, screen organization, search facilities, links, options and visual icons, text customization, user help and guidance, error messages , The possibility of interaction and feedback, user interface language, user control, template types (format), resources available on the site, the possibility of studying the source retrieved from the site, and other facilities), which included 73 extracted components, then finalized in Delphi and evaluated was used. The results of this study showed that all of the components examined in this study are important. The ability to provide regular advice to readers with an average of 4.52 has the highest significance from the perspective of users and experts, and then, the access to the site and the rest of the main sectors from the homepage and vice versa is at the second rank with a score of 4.42.



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