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The study was conducted to investigate the awareness and use of information resources for research by final year students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. Four research questions and three hypotheses guided the study. 100 copies of questionnaire were administered to the respondents in the college library through face to face method in order to collect data. Simple random and stratified sampling techniques were employed for the study due to the largeness of the population. In the data analysis, frequency counts, simple percentages, mean, standard deviation and Pearson Product Moment Correlation were used for the statistical analysis. The findings revealed that the nature of awareness of the availability of information resources for research among final year students is high. It also indicated that that the level of use of information resources for research among final year students is high and textbook is the most used information resource for research. The findings show that lack of current resources, inadequate resources, inadequate loaning period, constant power outage and slow connection speed were the challenges encountered in the use of information resources in the library. The study concluded that the challenges could be the reasons why some other students do not bother to do the necessary information sourcing before embarking on their project work which definitely leads to plagiarizing former project written by past students. The study recommended that academic libraries should be stocked with recent information materials to encourage students and other researchers to carry out their research work.