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Information literacy skills are indispensable skill every secondary school student must possess not only to succeed in their present academic endeavours but to become a lifelong learner. Giving every student equal right to learning resources in the schools is also pivotal to their academic achievement. This study investigated the information literacy skills and equitable access to learning resources in selected secondary schools in Ilesa City. 240 respondents were selected from eight schools in the two Local Government Councils in the city. The data were analysed using SPSS. It was discovered that even though there are school libraries and school librarians in the schools the idea the students have about information literacy skills is more of theory than practical, as the students are deficient in reading skills which is an integral part of information literacy skills. The study also established that there are barriers to equitable access to learning resources in the secondary schools. The study concluded that there is a need to train and retrain teacher-librarians so that they will be better positioned to teach information literacy skills in a practical way that will make the acquisition of the skills realistic for the students. The Government, school owners and other stakeholders should see to the possibility of every student having equitable access to all the learning resources in the schools without any restrictions.



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