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Okuonghae, O., Ijeh, C.I. & Erhabor, J.O. (2018). User Delinquency as a Factor Affecting Effective Service Delivery in University Libraries in Ekiti and Ondo State, Nigeria. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)..


This study investigated user delinquency as a factor affecting effective service delivery in university libraries in Ekiti and Ondo state of Nigeria. The study helps to examine the various delinquent acts in the library that affect effective service delivery in the library. The descriptive survey method was used for the study. The population of this study was 76 librarians in university libraries in Ekiti and Ondo state of Nigeria. The researchers adopted the entire 76 librarians as the sample size for this study using the complete enumerative sampling technique. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection and 76 copies of questionnaire were administered for this study. In response, 71 copies were retrieved and found useable, thereby indicating a response rate of 93%. The data was analysed using frequencies and percentages. The study contributed significantly to knowledge as it has been able to establish that a significant relationship exist between user delinquency and effective service delivery in the library. The findings indicated that the university libraries carryout wide range of services such as information and referral services, reference services, charging and discharging of library materials, cataloguing and classification of library materials and user education services. User delinquency in university libraries such as theft of library materials, eating in the library, making or receiving calls in the library, refusal to return over-due borrowed books, mutilation of library materials and misuse of library computer systems affects effective service delivery in university library to a high extent. The study recommended that Library staff should adopt a strict security measures to ensure that user delinquency in libraries is reduced to the barest minimum if not completely eliminated in the libraries. The study also recommended that library management should try to acquire multiple copies of information materials in the library while also ensuring that proper and regular library orientation or user education programs is carried out for library users as this will remind them of the rules governing the use of the library (dos and don’ts). The study concluded that adequate attention should be paid to delinquent acts in the library since it affects effective service delivery.



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