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Spring 2-13-2018


Planning and leading are important tools for the success of every organization, academic libraries inclusive. This study attempts to investigate the perceived influence of planning and leading on staff performance in colleges of education in Lagos State. The study had three research questions. The study population consisted of all the 49 library personnel professionals, Paraprofessionals and library assistants from the two colleges of education in Lagos state. A structured questionnaire was used to gather data from the respondents which were analyzed by inferential statistics. The study analysis revealed that planning has a positive influence on library staff performance and there is a positive relationship between leadership and staff performance in the libraries studied, and autocratic leadership style has a negative influence on staff performance. The study also revealed some factors that can influence staff performance; these include motivation work environment workload, regular training of staff, holding a general meeting. Based on the above findings, it was concluded that adequate planning and good leading style can influence libraries in colleges of education in achieving their set goals. The study recommended that librarian and managers should always make long-term planning and develop strategies for staff development as this will enable the library staffs to have a sense of belonging thereby contributing positively to the development of the organization. The librarians and management should ensure that there is a conducive environment, a motivation for staff, as these will affect the staff performance.



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