Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Background: The demand for evaluation methods of Academic libraries has resulted from the fact that universities are being recognized as an important economic asset of national competitiveness. This realization has led to an attempt to verify the effectiveness of investment in higher education, and Academic libraries also have had a chance to reconsider and promote the importance of their existence to their universities.

Objectives: The aim of the study was to estimate the economic value of a variety of academic library services and identify demographic, individual, sociological and technology factors affecting users’ willingness to pay by using the contingent valuation method.

Methods: The study populations are the users of university central libraries (including students, faculty members and employees of the universities) under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran. The data collection instrument was a two-dimensional questionnaire with 48 questions, constructed by the researcher. 854 respondents completed the questionnaire. The data was analyzed using logistic regression. A two-stage Heckman method was used to correct for selection bias.

Results: Demographic and individual factors were found to be more effective than other factors, such as sociological factors and technology, in predicting users’ willingness to pay. The variables of education, monthly income, job, gender, and research had the most impact on willingness to pay. On the other hand, Hekman's two-stage method, although it can be distinguished among the factors affecting the acceptance of the willingness to pay as well as the factors affecting its degree, Overall, Willingness to pay estimated Less than the other two methods(Linear &logistic regression).

Contributions: Libraries and information centers in Iran are facing a lot of budget problems. In this research, the researcher seeks to find Effective factors to estimate the economic value of libraries and their services to the users. Economic valuation increases the value and credibility of a system, which Provides useful information for decision makers, planners and managers to decide on solve of problems



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