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Chukwuji, Nwabueze Charles, Tsafe, Aliyu Gadanga (PhD), Sule, Sayudi, Yusuf, Zainab, Zakarriya, Ja'afar (2018). Awareness, Access and Utilization of Family Planning Information in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)


The study investigated the extent of awareness, accessibility and utilization of family planning information in Zamfara State, Nigeria. The descriptive survey method was adopted for the study. The population of the study consisted of all the fourteen (14) Local Government Areas of Zamfara State and the targeted respondents of the study were the married women of Zamfara State. Simple random sampling was adopted for the study because of its appropriateness which ensured that no part of the population was excluded. Nine (9) Local Government Areas out of the fourteen (14) in the State were selected representing 75% of the total number of the Local Governments and 83% respondents to represent the entire population of the fourteen (14) Local Government Areas under study. The study made use of questionnaire and interview as instruments of data collection. The findings revealed that eight family planning information systems are available in the state and they are, Pills, Male condom, Abstinence system, Birth spacing, Contraceptive (injectible), Maternal death, Infant mortality and its benefit. It was also discovered that (30%) of the respondents were aware of family planning activities and very few number of them aware of the benefits of family planning in Zamfara State.(36%) have access to family planning information and method. It was discovered also that Radio constitute the highest (37%) source of family planning information in the state while all (100%) of the respondents Strongly Disagreed of having heard family planning information from the worship centers. Recommendations made include, Government galvanizing all sectors of the country to participate actively in family planning activities to check the explosive growth rate of our population. Government should as a matter of necessity muster enough political will to execute its 2014 Blue Print to the later with relevant updates.



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