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Winter 3-26-2018


The study investigates professional development, performance evaluation and management systems of cataloguers in university libraries. The descriptive survey method was adopted for the research and the population of study consists of 51 cataloguers in 10 university libraries in South East zone of Nigeria. The questionnaire was distributed to 51 cataloguers. A total of 40 copies were returned giving a 78 percent response rate. Z-test analysis was used to answer the research questions. Findings of the study show that exposing cataloguers to a course (mean = 3.97), increases a cataloguer's desire to excel and grow on the job by intimating them on new trends that can be applied to do their job better. The finding also shows the need for professional development programmes such as mentoring (mean = 3.62), workshops (mean = 3.54), seminars (mean = 2.88) and conferences (mean = 2.59) on job performance of cataloguers. The paper recommends that appropriate developmental programmes with theme relevant to cataloguers' job task be encouraged with a well-structured performance management system and feedback to ensure that development needs of cataloguers are established in this electronic era.